30 December 2016

Review: Falling For Them

Falling For Them Falling For Them by CL Stone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Raising the Stakes by Autumn Reed and Julia Clarke
4/5 Good story about a college girl and three boys who make a bet on her. She finds out and decides what to do with them. I liked the personalities of everyone and it read smoothly.

Meeting them by Rebecca Royce
3/5 A futuristic setting that has little to do with the story. A girl escapes a sort of nunnery to four brothers with secrets and issues of their own. This read kind of confusing since the Sci-fi worlds were poorly explained. Felt like I should have read another in the series. The story got a lot better at the end, with some real dynamics.

Finding More by Ripley Proserpina
1/5 Didn't finish this story, only got three short chapters in. I didn't like the way it started off in the middle of 'everything;' everything being the heroine shot at her job, having met and been with the boys already, and getting a bare bones paragraph about each of them.

The Four Clever Brothers by Amy Sumida
4/5 Bit of an odd start with the story being told as a flashback. It's four brothers from various fairy tales who rescue a princess from a dragon. Each has a magical gift they use. So far, the only story with full on sex.

House of Glass by Lyn Forester
3/5 An underground biker is busted with her mates, then meets them again at posh school. I was more interested in her and the alien roommate than the boys. The so inexperienced girl and advantage taking guys waned early on. Despite length, there's little plot here, but it is a riveting sci-fi setting.

Lily by RM Walker
4/5 Lily is the new girl in town and starts to make friends with a local group of four boys. She has started to make a connection here, despite her frequent moving and epilepsy... but then her seizures start to change. Bit of a slow start, but great story.

Precursor by AJ Anders
3/5 A gritty near future sci-fi where a girl serves as camp gopher in a militia resistance led by her father. Despite frequent beatings, she harbors a secret friendship with an alien. This had a slow start, but I'm excited to read the follow up story, this was listed as a prequel.

Ellie's Bears by GE Kelly
N/A I didn't finish this one, it's not bad, just silly. It's so simply written with vague themes and little plot. It's about a little girl who befriends three werebear cubs when their guardian is killed, then sees them later as an adult. A big anachronism that made me laugh was the grandmother looking up info on her cellphone... 17 years in the 'prologue.' Phones weren't anywhere near that smart then!

One Greedy Fool by AS Oren
2/5 Not sure the gist of the title of this, it is about a girl who goes to work at a supernatural prison guarding the sexy men version of the seven deadly sins. And tries to solve a murder. It was ok, the end kind of fell apart. And there were little inaccuracies like, the girl and a friend standing at the door, with each having their arms crossed, and another person walks by and 'notices' their clasped hands... which they weren't doing.

Favored by CL Stone
3/5 There's no romance in this; perhaps if you squint hard or imagine it. It takes place in a pseudo Asian setting where a village girl goes to the Imperial city with a clever friend and useful escort. It would have been a great fantasy novel, if the ending wasn't so abrupt. I'm not sure I liked or not the cultural appropriations, like all the ladies dressing and wearing makeup like geishas.

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09 October 2016

Review: Rose & Thunder

Rose & Thunder Rose & Thunder by Lilith Saintcrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A favorite author who does little wrong, wows me again with an engaging retelling of beauty and the beast. I love the strong females, the romance is a good fit, and there's the trademark action and exquisite detailed writing. I got kind of confused at some of the arguments, I even went back and reread, they just didn't make sense sometimes.

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Review: A Shadow Bright and Burning

A Shadow Bright and Burning A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

this is a little your typical YA fiction, with a chosen one type plot. it differs in her struggle to find her own way and maintain her sense of justice. I admired her sticking to her beliefs and it was so refreshing how rational and real she was. our heroine was before her time and brought to life gender inequality and the suffering and shortsightedness it causes. the romance bits were a little off, I don't think the story needed them.

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06 June 2016

Review: Soft Perfume

Soft Perfume Soft Perfume by Autumn James
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

Soft Perfume is a short novella that starts you in the midst of a romance. The heroine is a very independent young woman on her way to another party with her Aunt. There she is approached by our mysterious hero, they swiftly fall into bed and wake up with the realization of their love. It's revealed the hero has been stalking her, but she happened to notice him too. I thought it was a sweet story, but the way she acted out was so unlikely for the time. I also thought it was strange, the way they discuss things in front of a footman, like he's not there and going to blab it to others later. Ultimately the story needed a bit more substance at the beginning to offset the initial abrupt pace.

A copy of this was provided to me for free by the author in exchange for a review.

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28 February 2016

Review: Air Awakens

Air Awakens Air Awakens by Elise Kova
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked parts of this book more than others and there were parts that I hated. The beginning is slow and you really have to stick with it to feel that prick of interest. I found the magic hard to understand since it was never explained well. I really liked how complex the main characters were, but disappointed in how shallow some of the others were.

The covers are neat, but so whitewashed. Our heroine is a brunette Asian in librarian robes, not a blonde in a pirate blouse.

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24 February 2016

Review: These Vicious Masks

These Vicious Masks These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

I'm stopping at 60%, I can't take it anymore. Evelyn acts and talks like a spoiled modern girl, the setting is just pseudo-Austen-Regency one. I can't take the setting seriously when she's spewing all kinds of things from her mouth. The plot centers around her sister Rose, who runs away/is kidnapped by a mad scientist, of sorts, who wants to perform tests on her since she can heal. Evelyn discovers she has the same power, it just doesn't always work. So, she travels to London, to find her sister, with the sloppy assistance of her childhood friend, Mr. Kent. Then there's the mysterious brooding guy who has sickening powers, is 'misunderstood,' and kind of used to work for the scientist. Then there's a guy who can hop shadows like portals, a strong guy, and her old governess who has dreams powers. It's nothing like X-Men since they all have lame powers and no one knows much about their's or how to use them. It's also nothing like Austen or Heyer, since none of the characters really act like a person properly from 'society' or otherwise. I've had a really hard time following the sloppy plot and am not interested in finishing it.

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25 December 2015

Review: Cursed by Fire

Cursed by Fire Cursed by Fire by Danielle Annett
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I didn't really get a sense of plagiarism from this, especially not after the other reviews. At least not the story. Some terms were copied, but that was just lazy... if they hadn't been there I wouldn't have felt it was similar at all. The heroine isn't like Kate. I didn't like her much since she was inconsistent in attitude. The story quickly fell apart and felt like a rushed roman novel. There were too many cliche phrases like "smoldering/quicksilver eyes" and "curves in all the right places;" not to mention cliche scenes, like the hot guy delivering a dress and lingerie to her door (puh-lease, and no thanks). Also didn't like blatant inconsistencies. When you first read it she's reliving when she found a murder victim with blood rather every where, then you learn it was a vampire attack... and it makes you wonder why they'd waste all the blood.

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